Register early for the Montreal Hoedown. (This "Denver promo" registration open 5/25/2014 to 6/15/2014)

Welcome to the official website for The Mile High Hoedown! Here you will find everything you need to know to get to the hoedown and have the best possible time while there.

IAGLCWDC is excited to begin our third decade of conventions and hoedowns with a bigger and better event. We have planned a great event for our dancers and still want to make sure you have the opportunity to see the Mile High City.

A few highlights of the 21st annual IAGLCWDC Convention:

A Thursday night welcome dinner and pub crawl *. This evening will give you the opportunity to see Denver GLBT nightlife and clubs. We will be dancing at not one, but two local clubs, with the potential for three different dance venues Thursday evening.

More workshops and instructors than ever at an IAGLCWDC hosted event. We are adding an extra workshop room.

More evening dancing. Two ballrooms will be available for your dancing pleasure Friday and Saturday nights. They are conveniently located on the same floor, just a few steps apart. And Sunday night's farewell dance is sure to be a highlight.

Late night swing and line dance rooms on our two big nights!

A special dance opportunity to see Denver on Sunday afternoon. We are finalizing details to make this one memorable.

More sight seeing on Monday (Memorial Day, US) including a trip to one of Denver's world-famous amusement parks.


And finally, the weekend prior to our event, Betty Moses is hosting Mile High Dance! Dance! Dance! 2014, a mainstram line dance event. You can read about it on the IAGLCWDC website, or go directly to Betty's site for full information. If you are a line dance junkie, you'll definitely want to arrive a week early, stay the entire week, and attend both events, taking advantage of this great opportunity.

*off site events may require an additional fee to cover expenses.

Gold Sponsors
Good Chemistry
Good Chemistry
Silver Sponsors
Neon Boots Dancehall & Saloon
Neon Boots Dancehall & Saloon, Houston, Texas
The Gill Foundation
The Gill Foundation
Bronze Sponsors
The Sundance Association for Country Western Dancing
Hosting the Sundance Stompede, October 16-19, 2014
Charlie's - Denver
Denver Wrangler
Denver Wrangler
Denver Eagle
Denver Eagle
Host Sponsors
(IN RANDOM ORDER): Bruce Townsend ~ Joan McDonough ~ Alan Chung ~ Robert McDannold ~ Lauren Green ~ Jim Fauntleroy ~ Vance Kinoshita ~ Gerry Wheeler ~ Tom Yetman ~ Harlan Messinger ~ Keith Manning ~ Reuben Chong ~ Gilbert Ward ~ Robert Martin ~ Neil Cannon ~ Andrew Moreno ~ Jose Martinez ~ Benjamin Ramirez ~ Dave Hayes ~ S Lipsky ~ Eiki Yoshikawa ~ Brian Eggleston ~ Aimee Tabor ~ Jim Chakeres ~ Debbie Storrs ~ Steve Sullivan ~ Spencer Lee ~ James Daily ~ Alan Gaudet ~ Hagan Ko ~ Steve Bratton ~ Brian Wines ~ Daniel Craigmile ~ Eugene Walls ~ Charles Monroe ~ Nathanael Rosenheim ~ Klint Kendrick ~ Sheila Cervantes ~ James Rosenheim ~ Curtis Tutt ~ James Young ~ Tony Labella ~ Croft Vaughn ~ Bucky Chappell ~ Jim Drew ~ Frank Ift ~ Jimmy Carbonneau ~ Bob Lyons ~ Rob Ollander-Krane ~ Jim Coakley
Clubs Attending
(IN RANDOM ORDER): Grand River Renegades ~ Toronto Wranglers ~ Rain Country ~ Columbus Stompers ~ Ricochet ~ Big Apple Ranch ~ Southern Line Atlanta ~ Southern Country Houston ~ Renegades ~ Heart of Texas Hoedowners ~ Big Easy Stompers ~ Sundance Association ~ Rainbow Ranglers ~ Club Bolo ~ Southern Country South Florida ~ Manhattan Mustangs ~ Othersiders ~ LA Wranglers ~ Texas Twisters ~ Gays for Patsy ~ Capital Country ~ Southern Country Charlotte ~ Vancouver Timberline ~ New West Institute / Longhorns

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